Part Time

Southeast Consortium Coordinator

Partnership2Gether (P2G) Greensboro NC

Partnership2Gether (P2G) Southeast Consortium Coordinator Job Description

The P2G Southeast Consortium Coordinator serves as the central point of contact for all American stakeholders of the Hadera-Eiron Southeast Consortium Partnership. This position aims to ensure the strategic engagement, program efficacy, and satisfaction of the 9 participating Southeast U.S. communities. This part-time position is estimated to be 20-25 hours per week (average) with opportunities for regional and international travel. This position works in partnership and communication with the Partnership Steering Committee Co-Chairs, US-based P2G Professionals, volunteers, and Israeli staff to ensure the effectiveness and success of the Partnership. Including but not limited to:

1. Maintaining contact, program, and participant information.
2. Promote collaboration, coordination, and communication between all Partnership communities and the Israel
3. Develop, plan, and implement Partnership projects in collaboration with Israeli and US P2G staff.
4. Maintain ongoing contact with Federation professionals and Executive Director’s communities in order to represent
their interests, concerns, and issues.
5. Serve as a clearinghouse for all programming in member communities.
6. Develop marketing materials and communicate the programs.
7. Guide and support US P2G staff recruitment efforts for Partnership programs.
8. Develop and oversee the P2G Stateside Operational Expense budget.
9. Work on the budget for US-based Consortium projects, receive price offers, sign contracts, and ensure payments.
10. Manage logistics for Partnership Retreats or joint meetings that are not in Israel with the support of the US P2G
staff hosting the event.
11. Present a yearly report on the use of the Stateside budget to the Partnership Director at the end of each project.
12. Coordinate and facilitate P2G professional meetings either virtual or in person.
13. Develop call agenda in collaboration with Partnership Director.
14. Create meeting minutes
15. Oversee policy and procedural issues in consultation with Partnership Director and Co-Chairs.
16. Work with US P2G staff and Partnership Director to identify appropriate committee members to serve on Sub-
Committees when necessary.
17. Provide orientation and training for new P2G staff in our communities and potential new communities.
18. Facilitate the details of exchanges in collaboration with Israeli staff and US P2G staff.

Additional Notes:

A. The hours for this position can fluctuate greatly from week to week/month to month and the position requires
flexibility of time.

B. The Consortium Coordinator should have the flexibility to work on different days of the week including Sunday for
the implementation of programs.

C. Skills necessary:
i. Organizational Skills
ii. Writing/Editing skills
iii. Communication skills
iv. Flexible/Self-starter (with initiative)
v. Can work well under pressure
vi. Strong interpersonal communication

D. Professional Experience:
i. Working in a digital and computerized environment including social media and marketing
ii. Strong Jewish background/connection to Israel
iii. Familiarity and comfort working in the Jewish organizational environment and in building relationships with the
full depth and breadth of Jewish life

E. The Consortium Coordinator should possess the ability to bridge the gap in cultural differences between Americans
and Israelis. The coordinator should have a good understanding and awareness of the qualities and characteristics
that make each community unique yet different.

F. Employment and Supervision:
i. The Consortium Coordinator is employed by one of the SE Consortium's Federations.
ii. The Consortium Coordinator is directly supervised by the JAFI Partnership Director. The US Consortium will also
designate a second individual who will assist and collaborate with the JAFI Partnership Director supervision as
needed or when requested.
iii. The JAFI Partnership Director will conduct the Coordinator’s annual performance evaluation in collaboration
with whom was appointed on behalf of the US Consortium communities.
iv. The Consortium Coordinator will work in collaboration with the Co-Chairs, SE & Prague professionals,
Partnership Director, and Israeli staff.

Cover letters and resumes should be sent to: