Adult Services


Whether one is experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, having problems at work or with relationships, or facing challenges in caring for an older adult, Jewish Family Services provides support, compassion, and solutions. Through the expertise of our staff, individuals and families are able to develop a plan to address serious and complex human needs. JFS also helps with issues related to living with chronic and acute medical problems, food insecurity, and emergency financial problems. The agency provides case management and counseling services and links individuals with appropriate services.

  • Clinical Social Work

    Social Work Services are provided by a Masters-prepared Licensed Clinical Social Worker. We offer therapy, supportive counseling, and case management services for older adults and their families. JFS believes no one should go without care. A free consultation is offered and a sliding scale is available. The agency can accept some Medicare plans. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

    Call or email Janet Kanode, MSW, LCSW, (336) 852-4829 ext. 226.

  • Employment Services

    Seeking employment is a daunting task, one for which we are not always prepared. Jewish Family Services’ Employment Services include skill-building workshop for jobseekers, a jobs listserv, and employment counseling.

    Contact Betsy Gamburg, Director, (336) 852-4829 ext. 225.

  • Client Assistance

    There are times when unexpected events and urgent situations create financial hardship. The JFS Client Assistance Fund offers limited financial assistance to help our clients feel less stressed and regain control. We can help you assess the situation and develop a plan.

    Contact Betsy Gamburg, Director, (336) 852-4829 ext. 225

  • Information & Referral

    When you have a particular question or need, resources may be overwhelming or few and far between. Call JFS to get a quick assessment of your situation and a focused plan as to how to proceed. We will match you with the best available resources and support you as you go forward.

    Contact Betsy Gamburg, Director, (336) 852-4829 ext. 225.